The high-energy group consists of  experimental physicists:  Professors Imlay, Metcalf, McNeil, Svoboda, and Matthews; two theoreticians:  Professors Chan and Haymaker; several postdoctoral associates; and a number of technicians, graduate students, and undergraduate student workers.
    The experimental group has concentrated on colliding beam physics,  neutrino physics and cosmic ray physics.  Present on-going experiments include the L3 experiment at LEP, the LSND neutrino experiment at Los Alamos and Super-Kamiokande(Super-K) in Japan.  The  group is also involved in preparation for future experiments: Mini-BooNE(Booster Neutrino Experiment) at Fermilab, KamLaND in Japan and the AUGER project.
    On the theoretical side, work is in progress to construct dynamical models for quark systems and to apply them to the phenomenology of elementary particles.  Further, the underlying symmetries are being investigated to better understand the symmetry breaking that gives rise to observed phenomena.  Gauge theories, quantum chromodynamics(QCD), effective action expansions, and lattice gauge theories are all under investigation.

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